Sounds of Infinity

by Cryptic Age

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Kent Bateman (Canuk Kent)
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Kent Bateman (Canuk Kent) Love the bands music. Love Jenny's voice. Favorite track: Sounds of Infinity Part II: Eternity Beckons.
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released May 26, 2012

Cryptic Age are:

Jenny Green: Vocals / Keyboards
Hallam Smith: Guitars
Tom Keeley: Bass
Alex Brandsen: Drums

'Sounds of Infinity' was produced, mixed and mastered by Chris Mullender and Hallam Smith at Cryptic Studios.

Cryptic Choir:
Ellie Dann, Jenny Sterling, Simone Ibbet-Brown, Rose Hall, Nils Greenhow, John Holland-Avery and Louis Marlowe.

Cryptic Orchestra:
Violin - John Cummins
Cello - Chris Mullender
Mandolin - Hallam Smith
Acoustic Guitars - Hallam Smith
Trumpet - Milly Paine
Trombone - Dave Sims
Whistles - Jenny Green
Grand Piano - Jenny Green
Uilleann Pipes - Brian Stafford

Voice Acting:
Christian Smith, Tom Keeley, John Hughes, Jenny Green and Chris 'Moo' Mullender.

Special thanks are also in order for:
Joanna Shimmin, Glyn Beasley, Ben Eyes, Chris Mullender, Bogdan Vera, Danny Downing, Dan Whiting, Jormunganda and Volsung, Kogaion Art, Valhalla Promotions Valkyrian Music, Captain Morgan, Jack Daniels and Moniac Mead.



all rights reserved


Cryptic Age York, UK

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Track Name: Sheean ny Feaynid
There is a mountain to the south, towering over the sea like a god over its people. It is something I never wish to climb. Many have spoken of the spiritual presences that can be heard from its summit. Some claim it to be the voices of spiritual beings: ghosts, apparitions... Yet all those who attempted to seek these spirits out in the past never returned. These creatures shall never govern my fate. I am a seafarer, and therefore put my trust in he who rules the waves. Even if I shall die tomorrow, let it be at the bottom of the sea – not by the hands of some cosmic spirits.

Slieau fo coodagh kay
Sheayn ny Feaynid
Geayll oo ee ny dyn
Lught ny sleigtyn, abbyr eh!
Track Name: Maelstrom
On one Samhain's Eve
A ship left its home
Setting sail for lands beyond
Beguiled by their fate
And tempted by dreams
Their mortality cast aside

Once on open sea
The maelstrom took hold
Engulfing all in its path
It smothered the ship
No man left behind
Spared no mercy for any soul

Feared by all who sail
Claiming so many
Disarray and death
Stirred up in its wake
Track Name: Fortuneteller
Time is short, I count the days
What was said will never fade
So much done, now all in vain
Take a look at the last spring rain
The sky grows dark, lightning strikes
Vengeful force of nature's wrath
Fortunes lost, men's wealth fades
Oceans rise and empires fall!

Time will fall apart
Life will turn to dust
Soothsayer's prophecy
At the end of the world

Have I worn this life too thin?
Dissolution, this can't be so!
Unearthly tale, fly away from me
I refuse to see it through!
The end is nigh, I face the facts
What was said – the awful truth
Time is short, the days are gone
Only night, eternal darkness!

Time will fall apart
Life will turn to dust
Soothsayer's prophecy
At the end of the world
Track Name: Horsemen of the Vale
Bloodstained battlefield
Only a handful of men survive
Yet still victorious;
Land defended!
Eastbound their haven lay,
Far beyond the mountain peaks
Chose to take the higher road
To get back home

Stoke the fires and stack the barrels high,
Guests have arrived and they're here to stay!
This is the tale of the horsemen of the vale,
The last men alive and the land's brigade!

Winter has a cruel heart,
Hindering the soldiers' way
Black clouds and billowing snow
Brewed around them
Yet they still carried on,
Through the snow and the raging winds,
Fighting the elements
To get back home

Stoke the fires and stack the barrels high,
Guests have arrived and they're here to stay!
This is the tale of the horsemen of the vale,
The last men alive and the land's brigade!

One single light appeared
Gleaming from within the dark
Marking a tavern bare on the mountainside
Aided by those inside,
Taking refuge from the storm
Before they set off again
To get back home

Stoke the fires...
Track Name: The Aftermath
Coming from all sides,
Fighting for their lives,
Spears and arrows fly!
Fire burning bright,
Screams and chaos rife,
Underneath the sky!
Sent from his homeland
Across the frozen plains
Sent without warning
His freedom to maintain

Seven thousand men to fall,
Seven thousand men to die
Born to fight to the last warrior
Relentless, brave and bold
Sword in hand, he fights alone, unafraid
Fields with slaughtered men and soldiers
Fueling hatred in his soul
'Till the aftermath they'll taste his blade!

Flags are flying high,
Death is always nigh
In this war-torn lands!
Enemies closing in,
But he won't give in,
'Till the end he'll stand!
Sent from his homeland
To defend his kingdom's reign,
Fighting without ceasing,
But alas, he fights in vain!

"Seven thousand men to fall
All of them sent to die
Upon this bloody battlefield
I will surely lie
The enemy shall know my name
After their sons are slain
But until the aftermath
They'll taste my broken blade!"

Seven thousand...
Track Name: Sea Invocation
Wind of the air, my love's on the sea
Horo y ree y ro, horo y ree y ro
Geay jeh'n aer, ta ma graih er y cheayn,

Make the weather calm and fair

Shonest, Leodest and the Raa,
Grant good luck and fortune to him,
Health and peace and length of life,
Shonest Leodest as y Raa,
Cur aigh vie as maynris da,
Slaynt as shee as eaysh dy vea,
Track Name: Sounds of Infinity Part I: Perpetually Blind
Yn fastyr shoh va dorraghey
Lesh sterrym as sheean
As y gheay ren ee sheidey
As gatt eh y cheayn.

Time is passing oh so slowly,
No proof of morning ever to return
Blanketed by a deathly veil
Both land and sea at the mercy of the storm

Slowly poisoning my troubled mind
Keeping me perpetually blind!

Facing the ever-revealing truth
As the darkness finally subsides
Breaking through this icy cage
I'll find a way to keep his song alive

Slowly poisoning my troubled mind
Keeping me perpetually blind!

Track Name: Sounds of Infinity Part II: Eternity Beckons
Give me one reason
To leave this all behind
The path is clear
One reason
To reach a peace of mind
Deprived of what I held most dear!

Take me away,
Let me be free,
Show me the way
To Infinity

I need no reason
To leave this all behind
There's only sorrow here
No reason
To want to try and find
An escape from this pain and fear!

Take me away,
Let me be free,
Show me the way
To Infinity

"It was so dark, black, no hill could we see. Straight over us the waves were foaming; how dreadful it was, with tempest and mist, to run before the wind to the land. Terrified by the sea with storm and uproar, the waves just like mountains were rising. During all that time, the sea breaking white, we could not see the port that we desired."

I must find the strength
To see this one to the end,
Help me find a way
To my journey's end!

Take me away...
Track Name: Sounds of Infinity Part III: Seeking the Cure
"Ushtey milish liorish soilshey yn cast: nyn argidas airh, as cha gaill mayd eh dy bracht. Eaish rooin, m'inneen! Tar neese as iu dy haie!"
Track Name: Sounds of Infinity Part IV: Sounds of Infinity
Now my mind has changed
Behind those fragile eyes
Never-seen apparitions
Life a mere fragment
Past feelings dissolve before me
The touch of cool and cleansing fires
Sinking memories disappear
To the Sounds of Infinity

There I will see him once more
Both of us one entity
Escaping from our roles
In our simplistic play
Knowing that our universe
Is forever expanding
The mysteries of life explained
Through the Sounds of Infinity

Aided by life unseen,
Through the Sounds of Infinity!